At Shannen School, we believe in getting involved.

Shannen School strives to provide a plethora of learning experience that enrich the lives of everyone those who are associated with the institution by making them responsible citizens committed to the ideals of Equality, Justice, Liberty and Fraternity.

Notice Board

  • Mid Term Admission Open 2021-22 From Grade Pre-primary To 8th
  • January Month Sports Week
  • January Month Period Test - II Grade I To VIII
  • Presentation Day For Grade I To IV
  • Art Integration Activity For Grade I To X
  • Mini Saga Com Competition For Grade V To X
  • Paper Mask Making Activity For Grade I & II
  • Term -1 Board Exams For Grade- X & XII.
  • New Admission Open For Academic Year 2022-23 Pre-Nursery To Grade XI
  • January Month Republic Day Celebration


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"If we strive to work together imaginatively and unselfishly, we will be helping to achieve each other's personal goals, and the combined legacy that we leave as a result will be brighter and more valuable than any of us could have achieved unilaterally."

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