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07 Dec 2018

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07 Dec 2018

Annual sports Day,,,coming soon ...25/01/2018

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Sport Academy

Student also takes part in inter and intra school competitions at State, National & International level. School actively participates in all competitions conducted at all different levels. The school has formed special clubs to cater the need of co-curricular activities like Art & Craft, Singing, Sport Academy, Science Clubs etc. The talents of students are brought out through various events like

  • Annual Concert
  • Annual Sport Meet
  • Annual Exhibition etc.
  • Sport Academy


In Shannen each & every festival is celebrated with great prompt. Festivals fill colours in life. Festivals like Independence Day, Christmas, Diwali, Idd etc. are celebrated. By this school encourages the student develop a feeling of unity, oneness & brother hood. They realize that our country is a secular state & further grow up to become a global citizen.

At Shannen kids we celebrate

  • Independence Day Celebration
  • Christmas Day Celebration
  • Navratri Celebration
  • Ganpati Celebration
  • Orange Day Celebration
  • Diwali Celebration
  • Idd Celebration
  • and many more………

Grand Parent's Day: Grand parents and their experiences teach a lot about life. Their emotions and blessing lead us towards them. They build character in the child by telling them mythological stories of legends like Rama, Krishna.

Mother's day, Children's day, Teacher's day, Plantation day, Vibgyor day & many more such days are celebrated. These help the students to develop social relationship and awareness towards environment. (These days are celebrated by demonstration, displays, presentations made by students.)

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