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07 Dec 2018

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07 Dec 2018

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Activities and Celebration

All round development of the child is the prime importance. Learning through only books makes learning boredom, so here, along with academic curriculum; children are introduced to a wide range of activities.

Co-curricular activities are one of the strength of our institution. Members of the staff give guidance and advice but pupils are encouraged to use their initiative to utilize their own abilities. This includes value education etiquettes, communication skills, dance, personality development etc.

We hereby club activities based learning i.e. using different teaching aid materials and activities involving students like using Flash Cards, AV Slides, CD Shows, Story Telling & Rhyme Recitation using puppets and role play, helps child's imagination of fluency of languages & concepts.

Activities like printing, drawing, crayoning, collage, clay modelling etc. helps in their development of motor skills.

The concept are taught using objects used in day to day life making their hands experienced in routine execution apart from visualizing, understanding, grasping and learning.

Indoor activities includes balling alley, blocks, puzzles, carom, beading, threading etc are all skill development games.

Outdoor activities include special play station area and other equipments in the ground making schooling fun, enjoyable and refreshing everyday.

Co-Curricular Activities

Holistic development of the child is our motto. Co-Curricular activities play very crucial in the development of students as an individual. As these activities brings out their inherent talents. Thus we give each and every student an opportunity to execute their talents which in turns helps them gain the right confidence and attributes required for total development.

Therefore with all academic progress we try to make students more expressive by various co-curricular activities like (compulsory participation)

  • Debate / Elocution
  • Poetry Recitation
  • Singing / Dancing Competition
  • Art & Craft Competition, etc.
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